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Personalized Number Plate: Tips In Getting The Perfect Combination

Do you wish to customize the number plate for your car? We have just the right solution for you!

Nowadays, there is a growing population of car owners who are using personalized number plates for their cars. Out of all the many cars manufactured these days, you really can’t deny the fact that your car may have a complete twin so to easily distinguish your car from those that are identically similar to it, you can use personalized number plates. When you have tinted car and you pass by your friends, they can easily distinguish that it is you just by looking at your plate number. Let’s face it, the default combination of number provided for your car can be hard to memorize as well so if you don’t want to mistakenly go to the car with the almost similar number plate, you can have your very own number plate personalized.

But how can you get the perfect combination for your number plate? In this article, we will provide you with a few tips in deciding that perfect combination for your number plate as you customize your own.

Many people who are getting personalized number plates are using their initials in the first three letters. For example, John Wesley Doe will have his initials ‘JWD’ in his number plate. That way, even if your car has a complete identical twin with the same color, tinted windows, model, brand and style, there is still something unique about your car and it is your personalized number plate. This way, you wouldn’t also have a hard time looking for your car in a parking area where almost all cars have almost identical default plate numbers.

Number plates are also easier to distinguish if you use your nickname in your personalized number plate. For example, if your nickname is Ben and that is how most of your friends call you, using ‘BEN’ in your personalized number plate can help them easily distinguish that such car is yours. This way, your friends can easily notice you when you arrive just by looking at the letters in your plate.

If you are also fond of using numbers, you can also look for a good combination of numbers for your number plate such as your birthday or your lucky number. For example, if you are born in July 15, you can use ‘715’ in your number plate. When you use your birthday in your number plate, you are not only making it easier for you to distinguish to car but you are also making your friends never forget your birthday. However, if you don’t want to how your birthday and reveal your age instead, you can also use your year of birth like ‘EST 1987’ if you are born in 1987. However, you can simply have your favorite or your lucky numbers if you are out of options.

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